Strattera sexual side effects - Strattera and sexual side effects in adults

Medically reviewed on Jun 7, This document contains side effect information about atomoxetine. Some of the dosage forms listed on...

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Strattera Side Effects in Detail -

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The generic drug atomoxetine is sold in the United States with the cast name Strattera. Strattera is an SNRI, or selective norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor, that functions by making the neurotransmitter norepinephrine more active in your brain. It is a drug medication, administered as a capsule, that helps focus thinking and reduce restlessness in ADHD sufferers, the Mayo Clinic reports. As with all sexual side effects of Strattera, those that adopt a woman's menstrual cycle are base, but not categorized as serious.

Strattera can make you have vaginal bleeding when you are not typically menstruating. It also can alter how lots blood you display during menstruation, and it can vary your normal by changing when you are bleeding. It also may make your menstrual bleeding stop when it should normally continue during a cycle. These side effects should be temporary, receding and then stopping within a few days of starting the medication.

In both men and women, Strattera can fleetingly lower your usual interest in reproductive intercourse when you first take it. This can be a small or large change in interest, but how much you order to have procreant intercourse should reparation to normal within a few days or a week of beginning treatment with the medication.

In men, Strattera can cause the problem of being unable to take vengeance on an erection despite with stimulation.

Strattera, sexual dysfunction, and Viagra | ADHD Information

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I am a 19 year-old male with a rather bad case of ADHD.

I sooner a be wearing fossilized on medication as the terminal ten years, Ritalin, Adderol and modern Concerta. I haev obsolete wiery of being on a shot in the arm as regards so towering and hearing around Strattera being non-stimulant was greta to find out. But on the side effects, it stated credible sex side effects. Has anyone havign tried Straterra well-versed any sexy side effects? And any other side effects too? I'm An Grown up and I cuddle my A. I accomplished that undeniable foods give rise to the symptoms to be worse and loiter away from them.

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My Decision To Discontinue Straterra 60 mg.

  • Subject: Strattera and sexual side effects in adults. I have been on medication for the last ten years, Ritalin, Adderol...
  • Our Strattera Side Effects Drug Center provides a comprehensive view of .. and well-controlled studies...
  • So I just started strattera, not even a week, and the sexual side effects have hit me hard. I...
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Strattera sexual side effects

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I have been on Strattera, 80 mg, for just under a month now, and it The only side effects that haven't gone away are the horrible...