Video games vs sex - video games vs. sex

A recent study shows that one in three men would rather play video games than have sex with their partner. The study, reported in the U.

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In a hyper-fast world where the days seem increasingly intense, everyone has their own way of taking the edge off.

10 Dirty Videogames Where Players Can Have Sex

Newser — For guys who game, researchers have unspoilt news and bad low-down. The good news is that guys who bet video games "chronically," which at least for the purpose of one mod study is defined as more than an hour a day, are negative likely to ejaculate rashly than their non-chronic gaming counterparts. The bad press release, researchers report in the Journal of Sexual Pharmaceutical , is that they're also less likely to be interested in making love.

Researchers can't fully palliate what's happening—it might have on the agenda c trick something to do with increased stress levels from playing—but they suspect both findings are related, reports Vice's Broadly.

In the study, researchers surveyed just about men between the ages of 18 and 50 in Italy about their gaming habits and lifestyle in general. They develop that as sex vigour goes down, premature ejaculation becomes less likely, per Medical Daily.

One theory is that gamers move to experience an overstimulation of the pleasure hormone dopamine, which helps whip orgasm, so they raise up a sort of tolerance to it that makes them less interested in having an orgasm and also less meet to do so at half-cock. Women are just as strong gamers as men. They have less engross, but less of a common problem, too, says study. Posted Jun 16, In this video image released by Activision, a scene is shown from the video prepared, "X-Men Origins:

I feel frisky a good percentage of every day, whereas it seems like he's only frisky every few days. Game is still in development though. I still struggle with very nature of video games these days.

James daniels wrote on July 23, - I can relate to what you said about being too young for this problem.

Men Would Rather Play Video Games Than Have Sex | EmaxHealth

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